Skin Care

All skin treatments are designed to suit your individual needs. Soft, glowing, healthy skin is an asset to your appearance and confidence. Regular facials and relaxation, combined with a good skin care routine can help reduce the damaging effects of the sun, pollution and stress by rejuvenating and repairing your skin to its optimum state.

At the Crown Chakra, we specialize in corrective skin treatments (treatments with a purpose).

We only use and recommend quality skincare products in both your skin treatment and home care routine.

Algologie is located in France, whose products are derived from a natural source of marine algae (seaweed) and marine plants extracts. Seaweed naturally produces essential vitamins and minerals to increase the skin's health immunity and strengthening the skin.

Skin Therapy

Detoxifying/Teenage Treatment

We have a purifying and detoxifying treatment specifically designed for oily, congested skin with a tendency to break out. Purifying, calming, and helping to regulate oil production while boosting the skin’s immune system, the Detoxifying Treatment leaves skin of all ages looking clean and revitalised.

Deluxe Facial

Our Deluxe Facial is a revitalizing facial treatment that repairs, oxygenates, and hydrates, while helping keep your skin firm and toned. mIncluded in this skin treatment is a pressure point facial massage, and a relaxing hand, foot and scalp massage. You will finish the facial with glowing skin, feeling thoroughly relaxed.

Collagen Face Treatment

The Collagen Face Treatment provides intensive hydration for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin with fine lines. Collagen aids in long term hydration which gives our skin its natural glow, while a specific facial massage helps promote elasticity and tone, giving an instant softening, hydrating, and plumping result.

Anti Aging Facial

This treatment targets those areas most susceptible to ageing on the face, neck and eye contour areas. Each treatment step works to revive cellular activity, strengthen supporting tissue, and return optimal levels of hydration and elasticity, while improving the immunity and density of the skin to resist future signs of aging.

Vine Secret Optimal Skin Therapy

A truly innovative treatment, the said skin therapy is rich in antioxidants and regenerating ingredients derived from the humble grape. Vine Secret Optimal Treatment is for softening lines, tightening of facial features, and relaxing facial muscles. It helps prevent premature aging and skin deterioration, while visibly reducing expression lines. It is a complete workout for your skin, leaving your skin rejuvenated.


Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will help lighten skin pigmentation and boost collagen production, that will leave the skin with a restored, radiant glow., diminishing the signs of aging. This treatment incorporates 3 mask treatments: one to refine, one to stimulate the blood circulation and oxygen absorption and the last one to infuse vitamin C while firming and tightening the skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Fruit Acid Peel

Fruit acids eliminate dead skin cells on the superficial layer of the skin, and renew and refine the skin's appearance for an overall clearer complexion and younger looking skin. The Fruit Acid Peel is great for a sun damaged skin or anyone who wants to dramatically improve the overall texture of their skin. (A course of 6 weekly treatments is advised for best results)

Skin Refining

Enzyme Peeling – A natural fruit enzyme from papaya. Dramatically improves pigmentation, texture and appearance by effectively removing dead skin layers revealing healthy cells underneath. Leaving the skin looking brighter and younger. Minimum of 6 treatments recommended for best results.

Eye Zone

Contour Eye Treatment

Focusing on the eye area, this treatment reduces puffiness and dark circles, and firms stressed eyes. The Contour Eye Treatment includes a gentle pressure point and destress massage to remove puffiness, followed by an eye mask and eye cream.

Collagen Eye Treatment

An intensive treatment, collagen increases hydration, strengthens and firms the skin around the eye, and reduces fine lines.

Body Treatment

Cellulite Therapy

Essential oils of lemongrass, juniper and cypress are combined with a vigorous massage, which aids in the break down of fatty deposits while increasing blood circulation. Lymphatic drainage is incorporated to help eliminate toxins and excess fluid.

Body Exfoliation & Hydration

This treatment starts with a hot towel foot compress and continues with warmed infused oils and sea salt exfoliation of the entire body, which is very invigorating yet deeply relaxing . Hot towels then remove the salt, oils and exfoliated skin cells to reveal baby soft skin, after which a rich hydrating lotion is applied in a massage technique. This treatment will put the zing back into the skin.

Seaweed Body Wrap/Clay body Treatment

The Slimming and Cellulite treatment is a combination of slimming concentrates, high in iodine, and draining plant extracts to increase the metabolism of fats. it flushes out excess fluids, reduces water retention and releases toxins in the lymphatic system that promote cellulite. Customized toy our individual needs in treating your skin conditions,. you are totally relaxed with a wonderful scalp and neck massage.

Heavenly Body Massage and Deluxe Facial

For total relaxation and pampering, unwind and surrender yourself to a relaxing facial treatment and remedial massage, incorporating foot reflexology to ease stress and tension.

Dip. R.M. Dip. Aroma LMT.