About Madeleine Marie

I know I have been on the earth plane many times before.
I believe the purpose of my lifetime is to be of service to humanity’s spiritual growth. My goal is to raise people’s consciousness and look beyond the linear world.
I want to help you find your inner truth and souls purpose, find happiness and true meaning in life, not merely exist.


As a young child I grew up in a religious family so the belief in a greater power was normal to me, so was communicating with higher beings and source.
I easily developed the gift of clairaudience and could hear messages from my guides whenever I needed them.
I often knew what was going to happen in situations particularly in people’s relationships. I thought it was
natural and that everyone could hear his or her guides, as we were told to pray and ask for help when we needed comfort or guidance.

Visions would also come with the messages, (which led me to my love of Tarot).


Over the years I learned to refine my gifts, when and how to tell people about what was going on in their life and relationship.
My guidance and advice is gentle yet very direct and honest, for your highest good.


The connection to my divine guides is very natural and my intuition and channelling gifts can play a critical role in guiding you and keeping you on a high vibration.
The connections allows me to channel messages in my sessions, healings and teach a variety of courses, such as Psychic and Personal Development.
Love, Intimacy and Spirituality, and Various workshops on personal development.


I wanted to help people whether they were in physical or emotional pain. This strong calling led me to study Psychology, Sociology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Usui & Angelic Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Life & Relationship Coaching. I have been practising and teaching over 20 years and have combined it with my Intuitive gifts. I use them to empower you and teach you to manifest what your truly deserve.


My Specialty is Relationships as everything we do is relating whether to divine source or each other, and through relating we learn so much about ourselves and our spiritual path and growth.
I have experienced many of my own experiences and challenges in life, and it has made me very compassionate and caring to any concerns you may have.


I’m here to help you overcome your personal, relationship and career challenges so you can get back to your vibrant self and attract, create and maintain healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships.


I aspire to provide you with powerful processes, strategies and tools for releasing conscious and unconscious blockages, and overcome challenges, so you can achieve amazing results, live a life you love and have the love you deserve.


Mere curiosity has not brought you here. You were led to this site because you seek the truth. You are not alone.
Your Angels and Guides have provided loving direction on this path to discovering.


I am gently GUIDING YOU to the UNIVERSAL TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE. I want to share something important with you: You deserve to LIVE your DREAMS — to truly know the wonder that is YOU.
When you BELIEVE you can make ANYTHING happen in your life, it WILL happen. All you need is someone to help bring out your own amazing soul!


I would love to help you to totally transform your life and relationships from the inside out.


Are you ready to begin creating positive change within yourself, your life and your relationships today?

I am available in person, via the phone and through video conference.