How To Discover My Life’s Purpose

blog2Most people find it difficult to contemplate their life’s purpose, some even believe they don’t really have one, and that their life is insignificant because they’re not important and don’t feel special, because of a lack of belief in themselves. But you do have a purpose even if you don’t think so. Some people want to give up on that belief or the responsibility of finding their purpose, and follow what their parents, teachers, peers expect of them and end up feeling really miserable and empty. This can sometimes lead to addictions i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex, food, to find some temporary pleasure which usually becomes a vicious cycle to desperately find some meaning to life.


Remember when you were a child, you felt free, playful and alive, you didn’t think about what you wanted to do you just did it spontaneously with ease and you trusted that you were going to get to do whatever you wanted. You felt invincible, you thought you could do anything and everything, you weren’t afraid to take risks, and it was always fun and thrilling. You could play with different toys, play outside, watch TV. become make believe characters, go on adventures, whenever you chose to. That’s what you’ve forgotten that you have CHOICE and you can chose to do what you love, what you dream of and what excites you, it doesn’t have to be on a grand scale.


Think about what brought you immense joy as a child, what you daydreamed about before you became a practical adult. Life sometimes becomes a to do list without any joy. We get caught up in daily routines and what other people are doing, and what they think of us. Technology is a wonderful thing, but people are so distracted by social media they have forgotten how to communicate and connect with each other, and how to live spontaneously and are to concerned about how many likes they can get on their page, and are only brave behind their screens. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t think this is real interaction, and can take us away from our real purpose. You need to have courage to live the life you want, to follow your heart, and look deeper into your consciousness, and explore you’re true expression that is you, by enjoying the variety of life, the result is expansion of the soul.


Purpose is; delighting in doing what really excites you, what you feel passionate about. The highest purpose of your life is to be yourself to the best of your ability and live each moment as fully as possible. This seems to be difficult for most, because of the fear of rejection or failure, or being the odd one out whether in social situations or at work. Some people relax and unwind after work by drinking, and this for them enables them to be ‘themselves’ . Being yourself should come naturally and does not need excuses or substances, or approval. Purposes does not have to be a long term achievement it is in the moment, this way its more gratifying to the soul. Think about people who study for years to get a degree then get the job they studied so hard for, only to be disappointed because it didn’t give them the fulfilment they expected and no one ‘thing’ does. Being present in each moment is so important.


It is your birthright to enjoy life it is your essential essence, that why we are multifaceted we are meant to want what excites us next it is the way we evolve. When you follow your excitement you resonate with your higher self, aligning with what feels natural and good, and this leads you to what you are meant to be doing what your soul hopes, your free will chooses what to do. This is a simple yet effortlessly effective way to find your life’s purpose. Mechanically excitement is a high state of resonant excitation that occurs when the thinking intentions of the physical self are sharply aligned with the thinking& intentions of the higher self. So excitement serves as a “compass” – to let you know when you’re “on course” – when you are doing or contemplating exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you doing.


When you follow your excitement, and do what excites you, this means that :


1. This activity is you (truly aligned with your Soul).
2. Because it is “you”, this activity is effortless for you.
3. Because it is “you”, the universe will support you including financial support) to continue doing this, in progressively more expanding ways.


Following your excitement is following the “signs” your Higher Self is giving – to lead you in the most DIRECT way possible to what it “hopes” your free-will will choose to do, which is the same as your life’s Purpose.
The catch is this:


Even if following your excitement means doing something seemingly trivial and un-profound, even then, just do it!

Because proceeding towards doing this seemingly mundane thing, might lead you to meet someone, or discover something, that is just “perfect” for furthering your Life’s purpose, follow it with integrity, treating everyone and everything with the same respect and consideration and care that you would want them to treat you.


Life has no intrinsic meaning we are given the gift of creating meaning to our life as we live it. You need to look deep within yourself to uncover the truth, so don’t be afraid to ask yourself what really inspires and excites you. You deserve to live your life to its fullest capacity. Your soul already knows … just listen! Why do you want to find your purpose? To feel more connected to the universe, to understand why you are here, to have more zest and fullness in life and to feel excited about each day and to be able to share it with your loved ones. Your beliefs maybe stopping you from finding out because you don’t believe you mater or that you might not find what you are looking for so why start? What is in your belief system that makes you hesitate to do what you want? Negative beliefs become powerful if you don’t deal with them, when you realize you can change your life and be in control they lose their power. Your life is an opportunity for you to express yourself and to experience joy and freedom.