How to Nurture Your Soul

blog7The word psychic, is a Greek word meaning soul. Your soul should be nourished and nurtured with love and joy. Most people live in a linear reality and focus on what’s on the outside – be it their appearance, their career, and other people, and forget about what the soul needs. We forget because we don’t always know how to nurture the soul and what it needs to thrive. We have been given a set of rules by our government and society and try to stay within those boundaries, because we all want to fit in and feel accepted. As we climb up the career or social ladder, our souls become tired of the same old energy and that’s when our soul and spirit finds challenges for us to face so we can evolve. For e.g. you may find yourself in a position of not having a job or becoming redundant, the universe throws you these challenges so you can start to understand what’s important to you, whether you need to change your job to be happy, whether you need to re-evaluate your whole life to feel fulfilled while you are searching for the right job you are also doing some soul searching in giving your life meaning.


We are taught to keep busy in our society otherwise we are labelled as unproductive and lazy, but in order to nourish your inner life you need to take some time to reflect within and ask yourself ‘ what really pleased me today made me smile, and warmed my heart’. It doesn’t have to be much, it could be someone sending you a lovely email, enjoying a beautiful day or feeling very loved. These simple pleasures are not enjoyed enough because most of us don’t make the time to relish in a few moments for ourselves, or feel very guilty if we do.


You didn’t come to this earth plane to just work or build a successful career, you are so much more than that, but you forget the other parts of you, because of fear of failing in this area. You came to experience the many parts of you, you came to express yourself in ways you never imagined by allowing what you want to express become a reality. There needs to be an equilibrium, and that doesn’t mean that you give each area equal time, cause that may not happen. To keep the equilibrium you need to give your attention to what makes your heart eager. Have you given it much thought? Do you think what you really want is possible to attain?


When you ignore what your heart desires your soul shrinks incrementally, you start to feel empty and dissatisfied and lose interest in life. The truth is if you made yourself a priority as little as 10 minutes would suffice. If you took 10 minutes each day to sit down with yourself and ponder in your thoughts, your feelings and ask yourself how you felt about your day or a certain situation, or person, you would emerge much calmer and content with your reflections. You would appreciate and love yourself a little more, You would make decisions and commitments to yourself that you would keep because you have made an agreement with your higher self. A simple decision to change something automatically changes your energy your vibration and lifts it to a new frequency,it could make you feel more determined, strong and positive about your new decision, when you follow your truth your soul will light up and you will feel its attunement as whole.



At the moment my landline and internet are not working, I had trouble with my mobile and then my laptop! Its difficult to get the landline fixed as I have to have someone cut a hole in a cabinet to get to the Telstra box. At some point I had no way of communicating with anyone! It is really frustrating and I began to question what my soul was trying to tell me. I figured that my soul wanted me to look within and remember to nurture myself. We spend so much time on the phone on the internet and rely on these external devices for information, communication and entertainment; they are also tools that make us procrastinate on what’s important. My soul was saying have a look within, take a break, a deep breath, and ask yourself what it is that really matters to you, is the way you’ve been doing things really getting you closer to your truth and your hearts’ desire?” So I stopped and pondered and thought I needed to reach out to others too and let them know what I’m about, and start doing the things I really love and one of them is writing, so hence why I’m writing this blog to you.



As a Reiki Healer, psychic Counsellor, Transpersonal Soul Coach, and Teacher, I have many clients who come to me, with these blank expressions of hopelessness and emptiness in their heart. When they hear what I have to say, they see the value in it, but question time. “I don’t have time to do that” you must make time or the universe will find a way for you and it’s not usually in a form you want. The soul will steer you in a direction for its highest good. You could become sick, have an accident break a bone, so you will then need to take time off work, with plenty of time for reflection then. So please take a little time for you!


Tips to Nurture Your Soul



  • Don’t pretend you are enjoying something you’re not.
  • Don’t kid yourself you need the job you hate.
  • Don’t lie to yourself that you’re happy in a relationship you’re not.
  • Be honest with yourself.


  • Remember all the things you love to do and do them
  • Be silly, dress up, sing dance etc.
  • It can be big or small, how does your body feel when you think about it.


  • Go to a park, sit on the grass and breathe.
  • Smell the flowers and enjoy.
  • Kick a ball around with children or friends.
  • Go to the beach and swim, or build a castle.


  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  • Don’t allow people to make you feel you should change.
  • Accept your thoughts and feelings.
  • Accept your dark side, you can’t be happy all the time
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.


  • Any movement will lift your vibration and lighten your body.
  • Dance, run, swim, walk, go to the gym play soccer, hockey etc.
  • Have fun get to know your body’s capacity.