My Soulmate / Myself

blog6As a psychic Reader the most common question asked is when and where am I going to meet my soulmate, most people spend their life thinking about finding true love, and the joy and fulfilment it can bring to their lives. As a ‘How to find you’re Soulmate’ facilitator it is my belief that the human longing for a deeply satisfying intimate relationship is divinely inspired, and the universe itself stands ready to support us in fulfilling it. I’m convinced that love answers the prayers of our heart for a soulmate by sending each of us a fully awakened teacher to help us connect with an ideal life partner and create a relationship that will delight us in body and soul.







The soulmate concept is an aspect of belief in reincarnation and karma the idea that our soul returns after death to inhabit a new physical form, we are reborn again and again until we learn to express unconditional love and rise above all our fear based emotions such as prejudice, envy greed, jealousy, resentment, blame; fears such as fear of commitment, fear of responsibility and intimacy, these and hundreds of other fears that keep us earth bound on the wheel of reincarnation by keeping us from becoming all we can be and living harmoniously.


All important love relationships are soulmate relationships, someone you have a feeling of intense and natural affinity, friendship love intimacy, sexuality and compatibility. A love that is meant to be, this can be resulting from events from other lifetimes or because the union can provide the required learning potential for each incarnation.


Karmic relationships – involve two individuals who are drawn together for the balancing of mutual karmic debts. These relationships are often difficult but they are important to making progress on the spiritual path. Some of these relationships may provide opportunity for balancing serious karmas like murder betrayal or extreme hatred from a previous lifetime, and the only way to balance these serious karmas is by the love expressed by the two people involved. It can often begin with the most intense love or desire which early on can be mistaken for a twin flame relationship.


A twin soul is the ultimate relationship is the one and only other half of one’s soul for which all souls yearn to find and join. You and your twin soul stood before God and vowed to bring to earth a portion of God’s creativity and energy from the spiritual realms into the world for serving others and for a unique purpose, your divine mission. Seeking wholeness in god/goddess is the best way you can help yourself and your own twin soul. As you do this, you can give spiritual support to your twin soul through prayer and meditation. We must first find wholeness in God before we can unit with and fully unlock the spiritual potential of our twin soul because until we achieve a certain level of oneness with our higher selves we are unable to cope with the beauty of being with our twin soul.


The reason we don’t always incarnate with our twin soul is because we lost our harmony with each other and with God – through fear, disobedience to cosmic law, or through a sense of separation from our divine identity, we made negative karma (debts to life- the cumulative effects of our past good and bad deeds from this and previous lifetimes) which separated us from our twin soul and from God hence the story of Adam and Eve. You could blame the God Zeus who decided that twin souls were far too powerful and needed humbling, so he decided to split them to make them weaker.





Sometimes there maybe a subconscious hidden pay off for staying single; most people fear commitment when it comes to real relationships because that can mean losing their independence, power, having to compromise emotionally, financially, feeling they have to give up certain aspect of their life, such as hobbies, friends, time to themselves, having to do things they don’t enjoy like household chores, cooking, watching football, or spending time with the other person’s family and friends.


Some people avoid relationships because they are afraid they’ll get hurt time and time again, or attract the same patterns, and therefore stay locked in their fear for a long time. They could become victims as to why there not in a relationship or why they’re staying in a dissatisfying one and repeating the same old patterns, creating reasons and excuses why they haven’t found love.


You can’t and wont get hurt if you honour and respect yourself and always be truthful to yourself and the other person, stand tall in your beliefs and be kind to the self a good affirmation to remind yourself could be’ I deserve a wonderful loving relationship that enables me to grow and live in my truth’





The truth is even though being a loving relationship can be wonderful and very rewarding, God/Goddess isn’t interested if you are in a relationship or not, the aim of being reincarnated on the planet to evolve ones’ soul and reach the souls full potential in its evolution, and unless a relationship offers you that kind of freedom and growth it will eventually stagnate your growth and the result will be unhappiness and emptiness.


Before we can have a truly successful relationship we must first feel love for ourselves. It’s the most important relationship you will every have, how you feel about yourself how you project yourself to the world is what you will receive and accept in return from others by truly seeing your worth. Some people find loving themselves difficult and feel they need to be validated by someone else’s approval all the time, but when this occurs you are giving away all your power and along the other person to control your life to some degree, leading to suppression of the true self. To love and accept who you are you need to open your heart and listen closely to your higher self’s voice. The soul will never lie to you because it wants you to reach you highest evolution and potential in you life time you must have the courage to ask yourself why yr refuse to love and accept yourself the way you are letting go of any negative fears, social and economic standards.


The best way to find a soulmate is to find yourself appreciate yourself and accept who you are physically and emotion ally by accepting your flaws and shortcomings. Your strength and beliefs of yourself will always be challenged, but it can never be difficult when you are sure of yourself and you exude self love and confidence to attract those qualities in others. Who we are is what we attract to ourselves, and if we attract what we don’t want it’s only because we don’t really believe we deserve any better!