Energy Space Clearing for your Home and Business

Energy space clearingSPACE CLEARING is a powerful and effective means of eliminating disruptive, negative and intrusive energies from your home or business. Results can be felt immediately. Your home or business will be restored to a successful, vibrant and harmonious living environment.


Your Home: If you experience an unusually high frequency of arguments, illness, depression, mood swings, discomfort, unexplained noises and movements … it’s time you consulted me for some Energetic House Clearing. These residue energies might be something ‘left behind’ by previous tenants, deceased persons or people that have come and gone through your house.



Your Business: Ideal for offices, retail shops, hotels, rental apartments and generally premises where there is an influx of human traffic. People bring with them all sorts of energies, intentions and thoughts when entering your premises. They may leave behind some of that ‘energetic’ residue, that could be responsible for a down turn in your business.


After Your Space Clearing: Your space, home or business is restored to a vibrant, and harmonious living environment. This powerful new energy will have a positive impact upon all facets of your life, creating greater health, wealth and happiness.


The question many people ask is; “Why do we need to cleanse our residences or work places, and how to do it?” The advice I give is that, when the energy in our home or workplace isn’t flowing properly, and has become stagnant, it can cause problems such as feelings of depression, lots of arguments, ill health, financial loss, unseen tension between people and family, feelings of frustration and lack of motivation.


Do you keep dwelling on emotional issues from the past or relationship problems? If so, then it is time to seek advice about how you can help improve all the problems occurring in your life, by cleansing your residence, workplace and your aura.



The reason for positive energy to flow in your business is that your clients/customers need to have a sense of trust and harmony when spending money in your business. The more time a client/customer spends in your business, generally the more money they will spend. The conduct of your staff is also important, because their energy is reflected in their service to you and your clients/customers. If staff feel disgruntled, this can affect their productivity, resulting in financial losses in your business.


When moving into a new house, flat, unit or workplace, you will need to cleanse the new property or workplace because buildings absorb the energies of previous occupants. The curtains and carpets also need to be cleaned as they hold the stagnant/negative energies from previous tenants. These stagnant/negative energies can be absorbed by the people living or working within this space, causing disagreements, physical and mental illnesses, and relationship troubles.


A Energy Cleansing is a clearing of negative energies that build up in and around you and in your property. It removes pain, trauma and emotional distress. When you are filled or surrounded with negative energy you are unable to reach goals, be prosperous, be successful, and have positive friendships and relationships. The benefits of the cleansing are many. The energy within you and your property feels so much clearer and refreshed; your property or business is brought back to balance and tranquillity.


Living with these energies can have a negative and at times catastrophic affect on your life and your business. This can be changed! My success rate to date is 100%, usually with only one visit required. At times the home may fall prey to storing negative energy, unwanted spirits/ghosts and other paranormal occurrences. I assist Spirits who are ‘stuck’ here to move over and to finally be at peace. I also offer suggestions in the placement of furniture and other belongings to allow energy to flow with ease. Many of my clients include: Business and Home Owners, Renters, Developers and Real Estate Investors.




Following is a list of some of the types of manifestations that may occur in a house/business that requires cleansing.

  • A feeling of unease, heavy energy, not feeling comfortable in your home/business
  • Feeling like you are being watched
  • Seeing things dart past you out of the corner of your eye
  • Hearing strange noises, voices, footsteps etc
  • Seeing strange lights,- Objects being moved about
  • Bad energy affecting those in the house/business causing arguments
  • Seeing full or part apparitions of spirits/ghosts/entities
  • Extremes in temperature, usually cold
  • Dramatic change in personality and behaviour of people surrounding your home or business.
  • Decrease in business turnover.


If you feel that you would like your home or business cleared I am available by appointment. I will assess what is out of balance, make contact with any spirits that are within the property, clear the negative energy, as well as uplift bless your space back to peace and tranquillity. During the session I may also advise you on how to improve the energy in your home or business in simple ways, such as placement of objects and layout to encourage the best energy possible. I have successfully performed many space clearings for home and businesses. My success rate to date is 100%


Most space clearings take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to perform however this time can vary depending on the nature and intensity of the work required.


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