Intuitive Massage / Reiki Healing



A unique Emotional Release Therapy created by Madeleine Marie to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical body.


It is a combination of Massage, Reiki Healing, channelled psychic messages, which transpire throughout the session. Discussion is encouraged allowing you to express your deep concerns, as you gain more insight about your inner life, and accelerate the healing power.


The massage helps you become more relaxed and calm and the awareness of the relationship with the mind and emotions are awakened and accepted, whilst identifying the blockages in the physical body.


The healing is transmitted via hands and crystals are used to amplify the healing energy. This releases emotional fears, traumas and blockages from the past, present and preventing them from re-ocurring in the future. The Chakras (energy centres) of the body are being balanced and refreshed whilst bringing renewed energy and harmony to the body. Debilitating emotions are cleared from your energy system allowing positive energy to return, and for you to feel more of your true essence.


Psychic messages will be relayed regarding all aspects of healing in your life. All questions will be answered with integrity and compassion,with the assistance of higher divine beings.


Channelled healing energy from Divine beings is felt throughout the body as heat, tingles or energy. Some people see colours as their aura expands whilst experiencing a feeling of deep relaxation. The Divine beings of light, work through me as they raise your vibration to soothe and heal you by relaying the channelled messages. Your soul is activated, embracing change and all possibilities of growth.


A very nurturing treatment in a safe and comfortable environment, that brings but peace and clarity allowing your true self to be fully realised. You will feel lighter, positive about creating change and dealing with challenges. You will begin to see improvements in your life in all areas.