Past Life Regression



Past Life Regression Sydney allows you to go back in time in order to retrieve memories of your soul’s journey from other lifetimes on earth. It assists in removing and resolving any issues or events that occurred during your past soul contracts and incarnations. The effects of these past contracts can be manifested as phobias, disease, weight problems, relationship issues, addictive behaviours, financial blockages and any recurring patterns or fears which are directly related to your soul’s past experiences.


During these past incarnations you may have taken vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, silence, secrecy or other vows that prevent you from personally benefiting from healing and achieving what you really want in this life.


In the session, you are regressed to key events of your previous lives. A gentle but deep trance occurs allowing access to the higher mind. The lifetimes which you revisit are decided by your Higher Self, and the past lives will be the ones which need the most healing. If you decide you would like to go back to a specific lifetime, perhaps with a present partner or family member, you can ask for it, and it will take place. Similar techniques can be used to access early childhood memories from the current lifetime that may be inadvertently causing present day problems and issues.




The Regression is the first part of the session. Madeleine then guides you through an energetic healing, speak to you further about your experience, and gives you any messages she receives about your past incarnations. She will then share how the messages relate to your present life, allowing the opportunity for them to be resolved and understood by you.


After the session, you will feel lighter, freer and able to allow more love and fulfillment within your heart. You will also remember your true value as a unique individual. Madeleine Marie Member of the Psychic Association Dip. R.Massage, Reiki Master Dip. Psych, Dip. Hyp.