Psychic Clairvoyant Soul Readings



psychicreadings12My intention is to guide you on your path and transform you to your higher vibrational state, and assist you in creating the life you are meant to live. Your psychic reading will be unique for you. I will connect with your higher self and guides, and channel information and messages from higher beings, to give you the most accurate, direct and honest psychic reading, always with integrity and compassion. Your highest good is my priority and I will give you information that empowers and benefits you.


Naturally gifted since a young age with Clairvoyance, (seeing) Claircognizance, (knowing) Clairsentience (empath) and Clairaudience (hearing) and a background in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and Life Coaching, I combine my skills to reveal elements of your past, present and future giving you understanding to evolve and live in your truth and power. I will share deep insights with matters of the heart relating to love and relationships, and your concerns in any area of your life. The guidance will enhance your personal growth and provide you with the courage to face the challenges in life on emotional and spiritual levels.


Tools such as Tarot, Psychometry, (reading jewellery, photos) can be used but are not necessary.





You will receive:


A psychic soul reading will give you an understanding of where you are spiritually, your life’s lessons, soul’s purpose. Talents, gifts and karmic obligations.  The results will enable you to become happier and more fruitful in the key areas of your life, through positive empowerment and inner strength and outward harmony.

I have been practicing for two decades and seen people from all walks of life, it is so rewarding when people come back years later and let me know how much my psychic readings have changed their life.  I would love to help you on your spiritual journey or with any issues you may be having, I also teach psychic development and Tarot & Clairvoyance.

I have been on T.V radio shows as well as being published in books and magazines.


You will receive Psychic Guidance regarding:


Career/Money/ business

Spiritual Lessons

Difficult decisions/dilemmas


Life’s Purpose

Past lives

Health Issues


Psychic Readings are available in private, via phone and Zoom no matter where you live in the world