Transpersonal Counselling

transpersonal-heartscoverTranspersonal Counselling offers a safe environment for you to heal your source of emotional pain, stress and other issues. As you communicate and express, you will begin to re-connect with your inner being and higher potential that have been suppressed for some time.  Transpersonal counselling draws on the whole spectrum of your human consciousness to access your own resources for healing and insight. This work brings you in touch with your personal human potential and allows for a relationship with your ‘whole’ self, creating a deeper and more meaningful life experience.


Understanding your unconscious mind and your soul will become prevalent. This can then result in improved communication, increased self confidence and better relationships. Situations that seemed difficult will be easier to understand, and you will feel free to face challenges and deal with any fear you may have felt in the past.


Your unconscious is the part of your mind that holds onto remnants of various experiences that have occurred during your lifetime along with the influences from family, culture, relationships and society. Your unconscious is constantly sending you messages via your emotions, intuition, physical body and in your dream state, but when you don’t know how to translate these subtle messages, they are ignored, avoided and buried. That’s when confusion and issues set in.


A holistic approach to Counselling therapy gives you deep meaning and purpose to living, therefore it is life motivating, and creates balance, confidence, health, and happiness. To love completely requires emotional honesty with yourself and others. Understanding how and why your unconscious and subconscious mind creates stress, fear, depression or any other kind of issues, allows you to become positive and empowered by consciously taking the necessary steps to create a more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling life.




Usually, before we can move forward in life, we need to heal and clear unresolved issues from our past. We look at your past history, the impact it has on you, and how it affects your life today. We then move on to choosing a therapy to help with your personal healing in a gentle and effective way.


Being highly intuitive, I will direct the best possible therapy to successfully treat you. You will always feel compassion, kindness and no judgment. I will encourage you to be as open as you can be with your communication. I will work with you to free you of your past or present issues, releasing fears and blockages that are debilitating you from having the life you want.


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand why you feel the way you do
  • Access hidden potential
  • Experience deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Develop self esteem and self love
  • Renew your vitality and sense of joy
  • Have better communication and optimism
  • Develop self acceptance and acceptance of others