Using Your Intuition For Daily Guidance



You don’t have to be a psychic to use your intuition, but you do need to trust your inner self, to make the best decisions possible that will raise you to your highest potential of who you are. We use our senses everyday, we trust in what we can see, touch, hear, taste and smell. We are very comfortable with these senses because they are safe, keep us grounded and we can all relate to them, but we are only using our intellect and rational mind rather than our intuition. We tend to ignore what we are really feeling, unless it’s obviously evident physically, such as when we are cold we will put on a jacket. We don’t often trust our 6th sense, our intuition. We are not often taught in our society, to trust what we can’t see, that there is a whole other world going on behind the eyes that see.




It’s not that the average person is not aware of it, our higher self speaks to us in many ways, such as through our dreams, day dreams, creative pursuits, exciting ideas and thoughts, songs, even neon signs. It’s that small voice that often repeats itself, telling us we could do this or try that or go there. What we feel, is so very important, it is our guidance system to our soul, it speak to us through our body, and our sixth sense, it is how it communicates to the higher part of us to let us know what we need and what is best for us.


We often fear being true to our real feeling, because trusting them can have consequences. It might isolate you socially, it might be confronting with family, work, or in a relationship. You may worry what people think of you, but struggling with your feelings also has high repercussions, chances are you are constantly feeling, unwell, insecure, inadequate, powerless, unable to make decisions, have chronic anxiety, worry, fear, anger ,or patterns of addictive behaviour, and unable to enjoy peace of mind. When you chose to evolve your soul and operate from a higher vibration, it is inevitable that you will change, and so will everything and everyone around you. We have all been naturally designed to listen to our inner self. Listening to your intuition can be your greatest gift, cutting away the confusion and illusions of life, that can leave you feeling isolated and alone. Trusting your intuition will teach you to listen to your higher self for guidance in everything you do. You will naturally start respecting what you feel at all times, even if it doesn’t make sense. You will tune in and listen to your spirit guides and angels, those light beings devoted to your growth and healing, you will never feel lonely knowing their love and guidance is always with you.


One of the most immediate ways to tune into your intuition is to listen and understand the feedback from your body. Your body is part of your divine self, it honestly and accurately reflects how energy impacts on your vibrational level, through physical signs, such as aches, pains, flutters, tightness fatigue and sickness. Unfortunately most people push past these feelings and don’t listen to their bodies, which leads to much worse consequences. The particular signals depend on what its trying to tell you. If you’re on the right track in life (think of a flowing river), doing what serves your soul, then you are going to feel great, relaxed and peaceful. Your energy will remain high, and you will be relatively free from aches and pains, anxiety and stress.


If on the other hand you disregard these signals , and you make poor choices based on always using logic which is your ego, and compromise your spirit, and find yourself in circumstances that threaten or disrupt your psychic well being your body will certainly let you know. Think about what happens to your body, when you are around people you like,(calm, relaxed, open) as opposed to meeting or being around people that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure, your gut feeling, will let you know something doesn’t feel quite right. It doesn’t always seem logical but your body will never let you down. It is important to keep your vibration high and happy, to allow it to tune to the higher frequencies of energy, because spirit is subtle and light. Connecting to this loving guiding force demands that we shift our mind away from anything heavy, unloving, negative, dramatic and fearful, as divine energy cannot penetrate through these thoughts or emotions. Dwelling on the past is the greatest obstacle to your soul’s growth. That is why forgiveness is imperative to your evolution, whether for yourself or other people; carrying around history clouds your connection to the Divine. When you are not in tune with your intuition you are more likely to experience life as dull, feeling fearful, cautious, and hesitant to take risks, such as applying for a new job, or leaving an unhappy relationship. Your heart will be closed to receiving love and joy as the ego keeps you trapped in fear. As you follow your intuition you understand that change is important for your evolution, even if it is difficult. You know that life is an adventure and you expect the best from life, you are open to life’s gifts and opportunities. Being positive about life, changes your vibration from resistance to attracting whatever it is you want to be and feel.





STOP you don’t have to meditate in the traditional way all the time, just stop. Turn the computer off, the T.V and any other distractions that usually occupy your mind. Sit with yourself in a comfortable place, at home, or in nature, and imagine that you are opposite an exact replica of yourself that is translucent, this part of you is wise and has your best interest at heart, now begin to converse with your other self and ask them all you need to know. This is your higher self, allow yourself to have a relationship with this higher part of you and you will begin to trust your gut instincts and stop doubting yourself and feeling like you need to ask everyone else’s opinion on everything you do. KEEP A JOURNAL write down what has been communicated with your higher self, look back on it, a week later and see how important it is to you to follow it, and don’t procrastinate.


Observe your thoughts rather than debating or analyzing them, and then feel in your heart if it resonates with you.