Self Esteem and Self Love

How to Develop Self-Esteem and Confidence



reikiThis experiential self esteem workshop will teach you the value of your true inner being. It will give you guidance on how to change your perspectives, attitudes and behaviours to have a more fulfilling and enriched life; one that you can live without fear of others’ expectations and perceptions of you. You can feel free to create the life you want without guilt or having to s eek anyone’s approval for your choices.


Self esteem is the opinion you have of yourself, the judgments and the value you place on yourself as a person. Low self esteem means having a poor opinion, judging harshly and seeing yourself as having little worth or value. At the heart of low self esteem lie negative beliefs about yourself. These are reflected in how you behave on a day-to-day basis, and can affect many areas of life. Low self esteem can be a cause or an effect of a whole range of other difficulties.


Self esteem is instilled in us during our childhood. Being constantly criticized by family, friends, and society tends to slowly strip us of our feelings of self worth. It can create anxiety stress, loneliness and depression. Low self esteem strips us of our confidence to make even the smallest of decisions.



How we feel about ourselves, whether we respect, love, and nurture ourselves, determines the quality of our life – our capacity to succeed in our careers, relationships with our family, partner and colleagues, our physical health, and how we nurture ourselves, and trust in our intuitive skills. Understanding and acceptance, the bond we form with ourselves, is in many ways the most crucial spiritual challenge we face. In truth, if we don’t like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead, we will direct all of our personal power for decision making into the hands of someone else, someone whom we want to impress, or someone whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security and love. People who have a low sense of self esteem attract relationships and occupational situations that reflect and reinforce this weakness.


Improving your self esteem increases your confidence by believing that you are unique, important and that you deserve to have your every wish come true!

An experiential workshop will help you evoke and experience your hidden potential of personal power – your relationship with love and yourself. A supportive, compassionate environment allows personal development, growth, and healing, achieved through meditations, visualizations and powerful exercises that will make you aware of the wonderful being that is you.


Topics you will be exploring


  • What is self esteem? How did I develop low self esteem?
  • Expanding my awareness of my inner self
  • Accepting and nurturing my physical body
  • How do I develop Self Esteem?
  • Creating boundaries & protection
  • The risk of empowering myself
  • How to eliminate sabotaging my self esteem
  • Letting go of the past & finding forgiveness
  • Healing the wounds of the heart
  • Your spiritual/intuition and self esteem
  • Where you will find love
  • How to create better relationships
  • Money health and you
  • Connecting with the source of love


Deep inside you, that loving attractive confident you is already there, waiting to emerge. Let us discover and transform it together.

This Workshop is taught either in a group or one on one for individual growth on a more personal basis allowing for more depth and understanding.