Healing the Inner Child


My goal is to help you love your inner child and invite it to be a part of your life.


Do you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, frustrated and lonely?
Do you attract the wrong people in your life, but don’t understand why?
It’s probably because you have wounded child within you.


Find your true self through this intense and transformational healing workshop. The inner child is a powerful presence that dwells in all of us. It’s the part that is full of life and feels emotions. It’s playful, creative, intuitive, and spontaneous.


This experiential workshop is for anyone who wishes to connect with their soul, find your purpose in life and free yourself of emotional baggage from the past.


Build a firm foundation of love, passion, vitality, joy, and freedom to live, grow, and experience life without crippling fear.


It provides powerful  experiences to help release your childhood fears, and heals emotional wounds and negative belief systems of the past that no longer serve you in your adult life. The inner child holds the key to intimacy in relationships’ well-being, creativity and enthusiasm.


The absence of the inner child leaves a painful feeling of emptiness, like something is missing in our lives. Have you ever felt that? Relying on the false self, we try to fill our emptiness with all kinds of people, places & things, and behaviours & experiences outside of ourselves, until we realise that those do not fill the emptiness. When the inner child comes out of hiding, it will speak to you throughout the workshop to help you honour yourself, become your own loving parent, and heal every area of your life.


inner child


Find and express your inner child though talking, writing drawing meditation, etc.


Some of the topics included are:

  • meeting your inner child
  • embracing your vulnerable child
  • accepting your angry child
  • nurturing your inner child
  • dealing with your critical parent
  • healing the wounds of childhood
  • healing the energy centres to release any pain
  • celebrating your creative child
  • discovering your spiritual child
  • creating better relationships for the future
  • self love


HEALING THE INNER CHILD WORKSHOP is an individual one day workshop
Madeleine is a psychotherapist,  Transpersonal Life Coach, Angelic Reiki Master of Healing, and teacher of personal development workshops.

I have empowered people and seen them find love, happiness and freedom in life.