Psychic & Personal Development

third eye (1)This intensive course will take you on an inner journey to your inner most being. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and your psychic abilities. It will assist you to expand your awareness and reconnect with your intuition and imagination, and enable you to utilize your mind, body, and spirit as one. It will also help you discover your personal path to your soul, as well as enhancing your personal relationships and career.


This course is for everyone from all walks of life whether you want to use it to enhance your personal potential, your career, or enhance your psychic powers. You will use your intuition to make better decisions and enhance your life in on all levels. We are all powerful beings, who need guidance in gaining control over our lives, through understanding spirituality and your own potential. Many new doorways will open for you; there is always something new to experience.


There are many practical exercises, so you will unlock your psychic potential through experiential learning. This allows you to integrate techniques in a way that is natural to you, and to extend the principles into your own style. You will be proficient in the area you are skilled in, and by the end of the course, you will be able to do a psychic reading confidently.


By exploring the different ways we access psychic messages (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepath, etc.), you will recognize your own power and potential You will also start to rely on your own intuition, realize how valuable your own opinions and feelings are, that  make you more confident in using your abilities, You will find new ways to extend your development once you finish the course.


The course includes, meditations, practical exercises and group discussions.


There are many subjects to explore, within which you will be guided safely and intuitively. All students obtain a thorough understanding of the course. Questions are encouraged, and everyone feels enlightened by its end.




Level 1 Beginners




Psychic Development & Awareness


How to discover your psychic ability and understand your innate power.




Learn how to breathe properly for clarity (meditation)




Various meditation techniques to expand awareness and find your true self and purpose.




What is intuition, how to develop it and use it effectively in everyday life.




Understanding your dreams meanings, and how they affect you.




The psychic elements and you, your astrological psychic potential.




How to use crystals to increase your psychic awareness


The inner child


Healing any childhood wounds, and recovering the inner childs creativity.




The ability to perceive things that cannot be seen, and  how to develop your third eye, & trust

your inner  visions.


Psychic Protection & Grounding


How to protect and ground yourself from negative energy fields.




Letting go of emotional baggage, and how to accept and forgive people in the past & present.




Creative visualization and manifesting your desires in your life.




The significance of auras and how to see and feel auras to be aware of energy


Clair sentience


The ability to perceive information out of the ordinary when you just know something. How to develop this skill.


Level 2 Intermediate


Chakras (1)




Understanding the chakra system and their functions


Spirit Guides


Understanding spirit guides and angels and their importance and influence in your life, and

 receive messages from them. (meet your spirit guide meditation)




Mediumship  is the ability to merge so completely with something or someone else that we experience

 ourselves as the other. To know what another person is actually doing and how they will behave. To

 change yourself in the past. To experience a loved one at a distance. To understand a future situation.


Automatic Writing


Receiving channeled messages from your higher self or guides in written form.


Crystal Scrying


Crystal gazing for visions of the past present and future.




The communication of thoughts and feelings between minds and how to develop this skill.


The Pendulum


How to use this tool to develop your intuition, understand its various uses, tune in to your higher self and angels.




Learn to trust and see future events before they happen. Its power will open your awareness to a whole new world.


How to give a Psychic reading


Putting your psychic skills to the test, giving psychic readings without any tools.


Psychic Protection & Grounding


How to protect and ground yourself from negative energy fields


Level 3 Advanced




Past lives & Regression


Understanding reincarnation and resolving past life issues.

understanding lessons and purpose.

(past life meditation)




Experience a live channeling, and learn the various techniques of how to channel  through  writing, healing and verbal channeling.


Connecting to Departed Loved Ones


Learn how to contact loved ones through mediumship


Psychic Healing


Restoring harmony through hands on healing, and intuitively sensing emotional and physical traumas. Learn to heal yourself as well as others.


Remote Viewing


learn how to obtain accurate information, on demand, training your mind to gather information and knowledge about events, people at a distance in time or space.


Introduction to the Tarot


How to read the meanings of the cards, and read them intuitively.

Looking at different tarot spreads.


How to give a Psychic reading


Discussion on how to give a psychic reading & how to deal with difficult people.

Putting your psychic skills to the test, giving psychic readings without any tools.


Course Structure


  • Courses will run in groups and can be worked through levels
  • One on One training is available allowing for individual attention to helping you reach your psychic potential while also focusing on your personal development
  • Detailed notes will are included with each Level


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