How to Attract Your Soulmate

How to Attract soulmate


We often believe that we will come across our soul mate as it’s predestined for us, but unless we have a positive attitude, and are mentally and emotionally prepared, we can often miss this opportunity.


This workshop helps you prepare for your soul mate relationship, and helps you acknowledge what you really want. It will help you release old fears and blockages to help you establish a soul mate relationship.


The workshop involves deep meditations, meeting your spirit guide, and past life regression to see what is blocking you in this life. Also included activities in the workshop are letting go, forgiveness meditation, and insight into who we truly are, to understand ourselves, and what we want from a soulmate relationship. There will be exercises for confidence and self esteem, times for discussions and questions, and times for everyone to ground themselves.


We will also be analysing each other’s photographs, to see how well we read other people. We will be expressing our creativity with Art Therapy to analyzing ourselves and where we are at, at this point in time.
This is a one-day workshop that can be structured in a group or on an individual basis.