The Tarot and Clairvoyant



My passion is to help people make positive changes in their life and enhance their spiritual growth. I have been professionally reading for 20  years, and teaching for 16 years. In this time, I have had many experiences and met many interesting people who challenged my readings, but always commented on the accuracy when later a prediction came true. Being gifted from birth gave me a lot of insight into the psychic realm, and I felt this to be a natural way of life for me.


I would like to share this gift with you, and you don’t have to be a born psychic to acquire it. I will show you many ways to increase your intuition, and see the world in a different light. Over the 7  week course, (2  hours each week ) you will see yourself transform.


Learn how to intuitively read the tarot, tapping into the hidden meanings behind the symbols and explore the cards within your own psyche. I will provide you with my personal guidance and direction, which allows a journey of self discovery. Each card has a personality and a message that can help you both in your spiritual and personal growth. You will learn how to build a relationship with each individual card and how to communicate with them.


Reading the Tarot can seem difficult to some, but I will teach you ways that will make it easy and natural to allow the opportunity to build upon your confidence, and trust in your intuition.





Tarot allows us to step beyond our general conscious recognition, where we can enter into ourselves more deeply and further understand a truth and a direction that may have previously eluded us. With the use of Tarot we understand who we are, the connection between our inner and outer worlds, and a deeper understanding of the world within us, this creativity and inspiration allows a new consciousness to take place an in turn enrich our lives and others around us.


No previous experience is necessary. You will learn many aspects such as how colour therapy, psychometry, numerology, and astrology are incorporated in a reading. Also, learn how to connect and build a relationship with your spirit guides, and how they help you during a reading. Learn how to use meditation to clear and develop your psychic channel, to ground, and gain focus and clarity.


This course offers a unique opportunity to use the tarot for divination, and enhances one’s personal development. It leads to a certificate in professional Tarot & Clairvoyant  readings.




  • THE HISTORY OF THE TAROT ( How & where the tarot began)
  • MAJOR ARCANA CARDS (The heart of the Tarot – learn to read them intuitively)
  • MINOR ARCANA CARDS (Earth, Water, Fire &, Air suits & court cards – Learn their meanings & relevance)
  • COLOUR THERAPY What the colours mean and what their relevance are in a spread.
  • NUMEROLOGY & ASTROLOGY (What the meanings are & their importance in a (spread)
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES (How to work with your spirit guides and how they influence your reading style)
  • DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRVOYANCE (Increase psychic visions through several experiential exercises)
  • MEDITATION & VISUALIZATION (For relaxation & confidence-building in your clairvoyant visions)
  •  PSYCHOMETERY (how to read a person’s energy through objects such as jewelery and give a reading)
  • PROTECTION (Experience exercises to protect & clear your energy from others)
  •  LEARNING & PRACTICING VARIOUS TAROT SPREADS (Learn how various spreads can be used and how to get accurate timing)
  • HOW TO GIVE PSYCHIC A READING (Put your psychic skills to the test, giving psychic readings without any tools. Trusting your intuition to guide you without the cards, and much more.) And much more…..
  • HOW TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMATIC PEOPLE (Know how to deal with different personalities, using body language,and feeding energy off others)

This Course is run in a group or one to one to suit your schedule  and your individual development