Usui Reiki Healing Course

Usui Reiki1


The act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is to put their hands on it. When a child falls and scrapes their knee, the child wants their  Mother to touch it and make it better. Human touch conveys warmth, serenity and healing. It also conveys caring and love. The living body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is the life force itself and has many names, such as Mana in Polynesia, Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan. Everything alive contains Ki and radiates it – it is the bio-magnetic energy of the aura.


In the life force energy of Reiki, the person who is attuned as a Reiki healer has had their body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstructions by the Reiki attunements.  They now not only receives an increase in this life energy or Ki for their own healing, but becomes connected to the source of all universal Ki. This source can be described in any way the healer chooses, like God/Goddess, or Higher Self. Reiki is not a religion or affiliated with any religion. This life force energy is the source of life itself and far older in concept and fact than any religious philosophy.


While everything that has life has Ki, a Reiki attunement connects the receiver in an increased way to its limitless source. Upon receiving the first attunement in Reiki I, the receiver becomes a channel for this universal healing energy. From the time of the attunement and through the rest of life, all you need to do to connect with healing Ki is to place her hands upon yourself or someone else and it will flow through automatically. The attunement, by placing the person in direct contact with the source of Ki, also increases the life force energy of the person who has received it. You experience an energy that first heals, and then also heals others without depleting her. In the few short minutes of the attunement process, the receiver of Reiki energy is given a gift that forever changes her life in every positive way.


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The process of attunement or initiation is what sets Reiki apart from every other form of laying on of hands or touch healing. The attunement is not a healing session; it creates the healer. In Reiki I, the student receives the first combined attunement (four attunements, if she/he takes the class from a Traditional Master). She/he receives an additional attunement in Reiki II, and one more attunement in Reiki III. Each degree’s attunement increases the positive power of the ability to channel Ki. It is the attunements themselves that are Reiki, and without this process which must be passed directly from Teacher/Master to student, the healing system is not Reiki but something else.


The person who has received the attunement is a Angelic Reiki practitioner, with abilities opened in her that she did not know were there. The attunement does not give the receiver anything new; it opens and aligns what was already a part of her. The process is much like plugging in a lamp in a house already wired for electricity, when the healer puts her hands down with the intent to heal, she has turned on the light. We have all had Reiki in past lifetimes; it is a part of genetic heritage and part of all of us.


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Usui Reiki Training in Sydney is divided into three degrees. In Reiki I, the attunement itself heals physical level diseases in the person who receives it. Her/his physical health often changes for the better in the months following the initiation.



Reiki I Workshop

Course Content


  • What is Reiki? The course looks at this healing modality in detail, the concept of energy balancing and how Reiki works.
  • The History of Reiki – where Reiki came from – the story of the Masters.
  • Meditation to allow you to tune in to yourself and the divine energy.
  • Reiki the Chakras & Colour healing – looking at the function and purpose of the chakras and the dynamic connection.
  • Learning to understand and trust your intuition.
  • Understand the powerful healing energy, how it works and how to use it.
  • The Reiki 1 attunement. The attunement is the process through which the student has their energy channels opened to receive the Reiki energy. These channels pass through the top of their head and run down to their heart and down the arms, in the palms of hands and the feet. The attunement process itself is very simple and brief, however it is proceeded by a short period of meditation.
  • The Reiki Treatment – how to give self-treatments and how to treat others. The position that is most commonly used in the West which were developed by Dr. Hayashi and brought to the West by Hawaya Takata.
  • Group Healing
  • Time for Practice – the course aims to provide the student with sufficient time to experience a self-treatment and to give a Reiki treatment to another workshop member.
  • The importance of grounding and protection, and how it effects your energy levels.


Reiki II Workshop

Course Content


In Reiki II, the individuals strength of Reiki is substantially increased, as well as acquiring a Reiki guide, and activating their psychic ability.


  • The Reiki Symbols- Three of the four Usui Reiki symbols are taught. These symbols include the power symbol, which is used to increase the strength of Reiki, the symbol for distance healing and the symbol for mental and emotional healing.
  • An in depth look at the distance healing. The different forms and practice of distance healing are discussed.
  • The Reiki attunement is given to access the function of these symbols
  • Further applications of the functions of the symbols – The symbols can be used in other ways such as to clear negative energy from places and objects, to protect individuals and places, and to send Reiki to help resolve problems and situations.
  • Healing through the aura – the course looks further at the spiritual anatomy of the individual and how to apply Reiki to the aura.
  • Meeting your Spirit Guide Meditation, Spiritual awakening.
  • Time to practice – ample time is given for the students to practice using the healing functions of each symbol.
  • Kundalini Energy



Course Content


  •  Discussion on why student chose to learn Reiki Masters and whether student will pursue teaching.
  • Reiki’s Do’s and Don’ts.
  • A healing meditation to relax, heal and prepare the mind body and soul for its new journey.
  • The final Usui Master symbol for healing the soul. The completion symbol only used for attunements.
  • The Reiki attunement is given access and strengthens the function of these symbols, followed by a brief time for meditation to absorb the energy.
  • Letting go of the old – burning the past ritual Letter to God
  • Connecting and Channeling your Spirit Guide; understanding your purpose as a Healer
  • Instructions on how to give Reiki attunements.
  • Attunement practice time
  • Crystals and how to use them with Reiki
  • Practicing healing with crystals
  • Why Reiki sometimes doesn’t work
  • Reiki and the metaphysical causes of disease.
  • Abundance Ritual