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    What the clients say

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    “Madeleine has helped me make sense of personal circumstances that to me were very difficult to comprehend and personality stressful.”

    Her incredible insights into my circumstances and her then helping me make sense of those insights helped me determine a stable way forward in my personal life.

    She has been of great help and all conducted in a very personable and comfortable manner.”

    - Alf -

    “Madeleine thanks for your gifted psychic advisory, incredible counselling and amazing healing. This always helps me tremendously with all my matters and with all area’s in my life. I am truly blessed and grateful to know you and to know I have your trust. I’ve known you for over 10 years now, and you still continue to assist me. Thanks for your warm, caring and understanding nature. I always look forward to seeing you. Thank you! Big hugs and lots of love. Saba Saliba xx”

    - Saba -