Magnetise Your True Love

As a powerful successful person, who has achieved so much in every other area of life, you’re probably wondering why love is still missing in your life.

You’ve been on countless dates, or been in relationships that have left you feeling frustrated and drained. You are tired of going through the same routine on every date, not finding a high quality partner who really lights up your heart and feels right for you.

You want a deep passionate, intimate love life, and when you tap into the unique power of your true being,  you can truly create the extraordinary love you’re meant to have. 

I understand you, I feel you, I’ve had the same struggles as you, and dated many different types, from the emotionally detached and unavailable, who ‘can’t commit to you right now’ and want to keep things casual and undefined and are always ‘going through something’ so you are constantly trying new ways to make them love you.

Have you experienced the emotional abuser, who wants to possess and control you, who at first seems really sweet, but becomes obsessed with you, and wants to know every detail about you, your friends, your whereabouts, but doesn’t like it if you do anything solo and then begins to criticise every aspect of you and your life.

So you try the nice boring one, who is pleasant, agreeable, and always at your beck and call, who lets you make all the decisions, and never takes any initiative or responsibility in the relationship but needs constant reassurance.  Your emotions are too much to cope with, you soon see the immaturity and passive aggressiveness when you are not giving your constant approval.

Sometimes through bad experiences we create a negative mindset and beliefs that stay trapped in our bodies, and last a very long time. This causes us to habitually attract the wrong person you start to lose faith, your body and mind become numb, disconnected and the walls thicken around your heart.

Dating can really bring up so many fears and worries. It can be really intense and scary. But choosing the path of self-love while you’re dating will allow you to gently heal those wounds with love.

There is so much conditioning in the world that tells you that you need to be in a relationship to feel worthy. But there is even more power within a woman who chooses to love herself in spite of all of that.


In my transformative empowering program I will take you on a deep journey and give you full permission to be in your True Essence


You will learn the importance of connecting to your pleasure, sensuality and, embrace your  magnetism and be more alluring,  confident, flirtatious, playful and free, and step into your power and attract the love you desire.

I will teach you embodied practices, provide you with tools, mediations and many other techniques, that include new and ancient Tantric and Taoist practices to shift your mindset, your body, heart and energy to create the confidence of a seductress.


This Is For You If You Want To Experience:


  • The true meaning of self love and how to apply it when dating.
  • Owning your value and self worth, feeling deserving whole and lovable at all times.
  • To work through some of your deepest wounds, traumas and insecurities and dissolve obstacles to love.
  • To release repetitive sabotaging unconscious blocks that are keeping you from true love.
  • Techniques to clear toxic relationships from the past and ending unhealthy dating patterns, old energy and attachments.
  • How to recognise the signs behaviours, red flags right from the start.
  • Fall in love with your body, learn the art of feminine magnetism
  • Opening your heart to receive soulmate love, be seen heard and fully committed to true love.
  • How to ignite your radiant feminine beauty, sensuality and sexuality, and increase your confidence by flirting, playing and learning the art of seduction, to create Soulmate Love.


The Coaching Includes:


Experience a 6 session taster or 15 sessions:

  • Highly transformative weekly or bi weekly 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
  • E-Mail support, if you have any questions or need guidance in between sessions.
  • Custom-tailored, homeplay practices between coaching sessions to deepen your transformation.
  • Personally-tailored recorded audio practices and PDF’s.
  • My deep wisdom and Intuitive guidance and expertise from someone who has done a lifetime of healing and transformational work in life, sex love and relationships.
  • A truly non-judgmental space held with love, respect, and unfailing encouragement to get in touch with what you deeply desire, and my personal commitment to your results.


Methods that really work holistically on all aspects of your being that you wont find anywhere else.

Sessions are held in person or over video conference (zoom) and are catered to your individual needs.



What Clients Have To Say!

My confidence went from 0 to 100 through working with Madeleine! I was able to discover my own self love and self-worth, and to become more of a magnet for what I desired. I am in deep gratitude that I was guided to Madeleine’s coaching work. She is a heart-centred healer and a very gifted guide for me on my journey


I started working with Madeleine at a time when I felt my most vulnerable and lowest point. I have found through her insight and compassion that I am stronger than I realised and worthy of true love. I found Madeleine’s gentle approach to be beneficial for all aspects of my life and I look forward to working with her again.


It has been a blessing to have Madeleine guide me through my relationship issues and self-love journey. She is accurate and direct in her advice, which has helped me navigate through various difficult situations. She has been an amazing relationship mentor for the last 1.5 years for me and I continue seeking her guidance in most matters of my life.