Self Love and Empowerment Program





Unlock Your Inner Power: Love is the magical key to all effective transformation, not just as an emotion but s the very essence of your being. You are born in a state of self-love but through life experiences you began to adopt thought patterns and behaviours that oppose self-love. This program is designed to reignite that intrinsic love, helping you embrace every aspect of your humanity and rediscover the power within you. Here’s how we’ll embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Embrace Total Self-Love: Learn to love all parts of yourself, including those hidden or neglected. Through understanding these parts will emerge for healing and integration, allowing you to live as a complete expression of your true self. You will learn that the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for the relationships you have with other people. Because you can only connect with others as deeply as you can connect with yourself.

Deepen your Relationship with Yourself: Having a good relationship with yourself is also the first step towards building your self esteem, if you’re always looking for external forces to affirm your sense of self-worth, chances are you’ll probably be disappointed. When you don’t develop a good relationship with yourself, you may fall into bad habits like people-pleasing and perfectionism- and you may be more likely to tolerate abuse or mistreatment.



Being in tune with your values makes it easier to live a life that’s authentically you. Self-love gives you the courage to be assertive, make decisions and set boundaries in your life. I can help you illuminate the unconscious and subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in old patterns and gently shed them.  I can give you tools, the map and the light to find your way back to your truth and magnificence.

Whatever you want to achieve be it love, create a business have a thriving career, or build your self-esteem if you don’t love who you are you will never feel whole within yourself.

In truth, if we don’t like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead, we will direct all of our personal power for decision making into the hands of someone else, someone whom we want to impress, or someone whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security and love. People who have a low sense of self esteem attract relationships and occupational situations that reflect and reinforce this weakness.

I will teach you how to connect to your original essence the truth of who you truly are. To use your powerful energy to create thing in your life putting you into a super high vibrational state to clear out fears, blockages, set healthy boundaries, or towards getting what you want

Empowerment through Self-Discovery: You get to stop feeling and playing small, hiding and shrinking and not knowing how powerful you actually are.

This program will help you evoke and experience your hidden potential of personal power – your relationship with love and yourself. A supportive, compassionate environment allows personal development, growth, and healing, achieved through meditations, visualisations and many powerful practices, that will make you aware of the wonderful being that is you.

Develop Unshakable Confidence: Dive deep into practices that not only foster self-love but also build a fortress of confidence within you. learn to trust yourself, and make decisions with conviction, and stand firm in your values, empowering you to navigate life with confidence and grace.


The Coaching Includes:

  • .Customised coaching sessions: house from a 6 session taster or a comprehensive 12 session journey
  • Highly transformative weekly or bi weekly 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
  • Ongoing support: Between sessions, you’ll have email acmes for guidance and questions
  • Personalised Practices: Engage in homeplay practices tailored to deepen your transformation, along with custom- recorded audio practices and PDF’s  to deepen your transformation.
  • Expert Guidance: My deep wisdom and Intuitive guidance and expertise from someone who has done a lifetime of healing and transformational work in life, love and relationships.
  • A truly non-judgmental space held with love, respect, and unfailing encouragement to get in touch with what you deeply desire, and my personal commitment to your results.
  • Holistic Methods: Experience unique holistic techniques that work on all aspects of your being, offering tools and insights your wont find anywhere else.  
  • Flexible Session Formats: Whether in person or via video conference(zoom) sessions are tailored to your individual needs, featuring deep embodied somatic practices to rewire your mind and body.