Madeleine Thank you so much for the most incredible journey of my life.I have enjoyed doing the Psychic Development Course Immensely. I feel
blessed to have had the opportunity to learn under your amazing nurturing wing. This course has already had such a positive impact on me and my life.
Lots of love and light

- Serena

Thank you so much for clearing up all my questions, the reading yesterday was amazing! and has helped me so, so much. I feel so relaxed, certain and positive. Thank-you again, you were beyond accurate! I am now going to look for work in the field of elderly people for a short time, I am going to save some money to be able to complete a couple of your courses, I can’t wait! I am really happy

- Katherine

Madeleine is truly special. I have been seeing her on and off for many years now. Originally as a reader only and now as a Angelic Reiki Healer. I truly feel she has a talent which is rare, on point and quite divine. I have seen many energy healers in my time ( along with myself studying the craft) and i have never quite left anyone with the same expansive, open and energised feeling as when i leave her. i have seen others in between our sessions and always return to her. 

Sometimes all i want is an answer, when, who, how etc. and at times i have certainly received that info with wonderful accuracy… and other times, times when i have needed it most ( although not wanted it) she has forced me to step into my own power, trust in myself and the universe and look at the world and my soul journey through another perspective.

I truly truly feel Madeleine has a gift and i have been to many readers over the time who i wouldn’t ever send anyone to. Madeleine is not one of those! She is a oracle worker, loving, honest, grounded and will not tell you things just to make you feel better. she will tell you what you need to know to grow, your true potential.

My vibration is always lifted immeasurably after I see her, and she empowers me with the knowledge of what my soul needs to keep myself in that wonderfully cleansed, uplifted, inspired and expansive state.

As always Maddie, hank you.

- Samantha

Madelieine Marie  is an accomplished Psychic and Spiritual Healer. I had 4 weeks with her as I completed the ‘Psychic and Personal Development’ course. I have walked away with useful life skills that will not only enhance my experiences with others but help with my spiritual journey. I have a Spiritual Healing business as well. I now have some amazing tools to help the process of helping others in their spiritual journey. I hope to be as inspiring as Madelieine has been in my training. The great thing about this course is that you will move through your own healing as you learn the processes of healing others. I highly recommend Madelieine for this training and therapy”.

- Dean

“I’ve been a client of Madeleine’s at The Crown Chakra for the past 8 years and have never come across anyone with her talents, she truly is amazing at what she does!
Over those 8 years I have been given healings and readings to help me grow and understand myself with personal and spiritual growth and business guidance.
Madeleine has always given a very accurate and clear reading to any questions I’ve asked and when I walk out of the healings I feel grounded, focused, enlightened and ready for the path ahead.
I highly recommend Madeline and know that without her I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I know I will always make going to Crown Chakra a part of my life.

- Sharni Dargan

“I feel so grateful to have a person like Madeleine in my life. Her approach and perspective on personal issues and insecurities is so insightful and refreshing. I felt somewhat apprehensive before attending the healing session as I wasn’t sure about what would come up and what would be dealt with.
I initially booked this healing session to further understand and overcome a chronic physical condition, and to deal with the upcoming surgery and recovery
Through this healing, I learnt that some of my negative thought patterns and fear based tendencies were causing my body a lot of stress and effectively worsening the condition. This healing session brought these damaging issues to the surface in a way which was easy to express and release.
It was through this healing that I realised what areas of my life needed a bit more work and improvment. Through Madeleine’s direction and encouragement I learned what was required to progressively let go and move forward.
I would recommend that anyone could certainly benefit from Madeleine’s Intuitive guidance and sessions because they are so helpful and insightful in assisting you with any difficulties within your life. No matter how major or minor they may be.
I was surprised at how relieved and empowered I felt after just one session. I felt much more like my true and best self. I am now determined to make this a regular part of my life.”
Thank you Madeleine.

- Alana Dell

“I saw Madeleine  for my first psychic reading and four weeks later was back for my second.
The experience was truly liberating, she brought light into my life that I certainly never expected.
She taught me that although I was one that was in control of my own future having the power to embrace
self acceptance, self confidence and self-love was vital to living a fulfilling life.
I now feel I have moved beyond the deep black hole I was living in and made progress to have the necessary steps to develop my life, a life full of energy, love and acceptance.
Madeleine’s advice was truly meaningful and I will certainly continue this journey with her by my side!”

- Jenna

“Meeting Madeleine quite simply turned my life around.  For the last 5 years, Madeleine has absolutely been my “go to” person for guidance, reassurance and grounding throughout some of the most difficult times in my life journey.  Without fail I always leave a healing with Madeleine feeling calm, settled and reconnected with my own higher power.  Without fail, she will see the issue at hand and give practical and realistic advice on the best way to move forward in your own truth.  It was through Madeleine’s psychic development workshop that I was able to tap into my own psychic abilities which have transformed my life.  I cannot recommend Madeleine highly enough whenever you need soul nurturing and guidance”

- Stacey Taylor

“To anyone looking for some comfort, direction and/or clarity in their life, let this message serve as a sign to you to see Madeleine. I am an experienced healer myself and in all my studies and journeys I have never met anyone with greater insight and accuracy or a deeper love and compassion for her clients than Madeleine. She is the psychic healer and reader that pyschics and healers go to for clarity, advice and healing. Madeleine is the best in her field and you will not receive a more indepth or unique treatment anywhere else in Australia.
I have been seeing Madeleine for over 6 years and have found her to be very specific and accurate. Madeleine has been a crucial element in helping me accept, heal and overcome the hardest and most painful challenges in my life. Through her wisdom and guidance I have been able to grow and develop in my life in ways I never even imagined.”

- Sarah Mawbey

“Madeleine is a fantastic Psychic Reader and Healer. Her Reiki Sessions are amazing and she has an incredible gift and insight. I can’t recommend her services highly enough, and i just love her beautiful store!”

- Sarah Clayton