8 week online program

Journey to deep soulful true love, using your intuition

I know you dream of finding the right soulmate who embodies the love you seek, a person who understands the silent language of your heart and wants to create a love that transcends the ordinary and lights up your life

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    Struggling with vulnerability, you're haunted by past rejections and the deep-seated fear of not being enough, which threatens to undermine your desire for a profound connection. The thought of exposing your flaws and deepest fears in love, especially after trust has been broken, is daunting, casting a long shadow over your willingness to open up again.
    Despite a life filled with achievements, the fear of losing independence and identity in a relationship looms large. You find yourself settling or avoiding love, hindered by the belief that you're not attractive or interesting enough for the love you crave.
    Repeated disappointments and elusive emotional connections underscore the impact of unhealed wounds and unresolved issues.
    Facing these realities, you recognize the need to address past traumas and personal challenges to embrace love fully and freely, without letting fear dictate your journey to finding a deep, meaningful connection.

    Unlock the Door to Love with the Intuitive Love Program

    Why Choose the Intuitive Love Program?

    The Intuitive Love Program distinguishes itself by embracing the journey to love as an internal process, merging the power of personal intuition with practical strategies for navigating relationships. It’s not just about finding a partner; it’s about discovering a soulmate through deep emotional healing and intuitive connection. This program delves into healing past wounds and leveraging your inner guide to forge a love that’s profound, lasting, and deeply connected.

    At its core, the program offers more than conventional dating advice; it provides a transformative experience that prepares your heart to love and be loved wholly and fearlessly. By tapping into your intuition, you learn to trust deeper instincts in love, ensuring connections are not just superficial but soulful.

    Embark on a transformative journey with the Intuitive Love Program, where every step is guided by intuition towards a fulfilling love life. This program is an invitation to break free from past constraints and societal expectations, guiding you towards a love that is not only found but also deeply felt and lived.

    How The Intuitive Love Program will Transform your Life

    • Feel Understood: Deeply connect with your core self.
    • Self-Discovery: Uncover and embrace  your  heart’s essence.
    • Intuitive Trust: Rely on your inner                        guidance for serenity in decisions.
    • Heal and Hope: Overcome past pains for a brighter love future.
    • Date with Assurance: Approach dating with empowerment and certainty.
    • Authentic Connections: Enjoy the richness of real, respectful relationships.
    • Value Your Worth: Attract partners who honor your genuine self.
    • Expert Guidance: Receive support from a mentor skilled in intuitive love.
    • Find Your Community: Join a supportive circle that resonates with you.

    The Intuitive Love Program is a powerful experience 

    While you’ve explored self-development and sampled other dating courses, this program is a distinct experience. Each week, you’ll engage directly with me in coaching sessions and Q&A discussions, receiving personalized guidance and insights that illuminate your path to love like never before,  ensuring each step is aligned with your deepest desires and spiritual path intertwining intuition.


    Where you will get:


    • A two-month intimate journey to open your heart, use  your intuition, and prepare you for the love you deserve
    • Modules and videos of high quality content 
    • Guided audio follow along practices to take the transformation even deeper.
    • Weekly group coaching calls where you will  receive personalised guidance and support and have your questions answered in real-time.  
    • An Intuitive Love Toolkit. Gain access to a curated set of tools and resources to enhance your journey.
    • Weekly action taking assignments and practices 
    • Lifetime access to program materials. Revisit the transformative lessons and practices
    • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group of fellow participants to share insights, experiences, and encouragement.


    MODULE 1: Embrace Pleasure: Awaken your intuition

    Explore how embracing pleasure can be a powerful catalyst in attracting love. 

    • This module has 3 videos and 4 practices. 
    • You will go on a journey of self discovery and learn  how to fulfil your deepest desires for a genuine connection to love through intuitive skills
    • Understand and experience all your senses to attract the ideal partner, and  break down emotional barriers and fears. 
    • Breathwork to connect you to your  body, pleasure and sensuality. 
    • Discover the enchanting dance of life, where every step becomes a choice, every moment an embrace and surrender  to divine flow.
    • How embracing pleasure elevates you and makes you feel nourished and complete.  

    MODULE 2: The Telepathic Connection

    What is Intuition and Telepathy. How to trust your inner voice as a guide to your quest for love

    • This modules has 2 videos and 4 practices.
    • You are going to learn how to use your intuition to attract and enhance love using tools that speak to the soul.
    • Empower love through mystical practices for deep lasting connections.
    • Awaken your ability to communicate telepathically with your dream partner.
    • Delve into practices that open your heart to loves unseen dimensions.
    • Writing a love letter that your ideal partner’s heart feels.

    : MODULE 3: Unveiling the Subconscious Path to Love

    Explore your subconscious to understand how past experiences beliefs shape your journey to love.

    • This module has 2 videos and 4 practices
    • You’ll engage in transformative practices that blend the mystical with the practical, offering you a unique approach to finding love.
    • Decipher your dreams: Find hidden desires and messages for love
    • Craft a Cosmic Order for your true love
    • Transform Pain into Power: Learn to heal and release past wounds, turning obstacles into stepping stones towards a fulfilling love life.

    MODULE 4: Opening your Heart to True Love

    A transformative journey of the self to release past hurts and open your heart to deep meaningful love.

    • This module has 2 videos and 3 practices.
    • Release fear and embrace Love, through breathwork and meditation.
    • Heal your heart, learn to move beyond the pain of past relationships through powerful practices
    • Heal your relationship to your feminine energy and tap into this power to create your life.
    • Connect to your true self, through self-awareness and compassion practices.
    • Celebrate your heart’s vibrancy: through movement.

    MODULE 5: Online dating & energy awareness

    Navigating online dating using your intuition, and reading people’s  energy.

    • This module has 2 videos and 2 practices.
    • Understand the dynamic possibilities of online dating to broaden your romantic horizons.
    • First date practices: focusing on creating a spiritual and emotional bond with someone.
    • Learn how to trust your intuition: to lead you to be more aware of red flags and have meaningful encounters.
    • Develop skills for meaningful and revealing conversations through phone or video chats.
    • Energy Reading Meditation: to help you tune into your dates’ energy and receive more insight and connection.

    MODULE 6: Removing the obstacles to love

    Clear emotional obstacles and repatterning your heart and mind. Through  reflective exercises, practical steps for emotional release, and transformative meditation.

    • This module has 2 videos and 3 practices.
    • Emotional Decluttering: Discover the power of clearing your heart and mind of past burdens.
    • Inner and Outer Repatterning: Dive into exercises that help you shift your core beliefs and behaviours, as well as the way you interact with the world.
    • let go of what and who once consumed you, to open up precious space in your heart and life for emotional freedom.
    • A meditation to release old relationships that still affect you, to magnetise the right person.

    MODULE 7: Accepting all parts of you

    A journey into self acceptance and intuitive insight laying the groundwork for attracting and sustaining a love that celebrates your true self. By engaging with your whole being, acknowledging your past, revelling in your present and dreaming of your future.

    • This module has 2 videos and 4 practices
    • Childhood Insights: Return to your childhood to identify and shift old patterns to welcome true love
    • Become Your Ideal Partner: A transformative practice to embody your ideal partner
    • Positive Personality Profile: embrace your whole being and enhancing your aura
    • Energy Clearing Practice: release old emotional ties and create space for new love.
    • Rewire your mind to have more self awareness and self worth practice.

    MODULE 8: Celebrate Yourself.

    we consciously wrap up and celebrate the journey we’ve shared together, and the transformation you’ve experienced. I will be  answering all your questions  and having a graduation ritual. 

    • This last module is where you can ask any burning questions about anything, you will get my intuitive wisdom, we will dance and do practices and rituals

      join us if :

    • You want to break the cycle of unsatisfying relationships and find genuine love
    • You’re ready to trust your intuition and make empowering choices in your love life
    • You’re eager to learn the secrets to attracting and maintaining a soulful relationship
    • You seek to heal your heart and open yourself to true intimacy and affection
    • You want to be part of a community that supports and uplifts your journey to love


    Bradley Carpenter

    I have been seeing Madeleine for a long time for readings. They have always enlightened and empowered my life. I finally took the plunge and have commenced coaching with Madeleine. The results have been life transforming. Madeleine has helped me to clear my energy, my soul and to reset my life and goals. I cannot believe in the short space of time how much of my life has changed and how much I had held onto that serves me no purpose. I can highly recommend any of the services Madeleine provides. Your life and core benign will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine.


    I started working with Madeleine at a time when I felt my most vulnerable and lowest point. I have found through her insight and compassion that I am stronger that I realised and worthy of true love. I found Madeleine's gentle approach to be beneficial for all aspects of my life and I look forward to working with her again. Francine

    Serena Prasad

    Madeleine is a true spiritual healer, incredible relationship coach and psychic who always is honest and accurate with her readings delivering her messages with compassion. Over the years I have recommended many family and friends who are looking for clarity, insight, healing and or coaching. I would recommend Madeleine for anyone looking to improve their relationships, looking for guidance and healing. Serena Prasad

    Huiyan Huang

    A really happy and joyful experience to work with Madeleine, she is a wonderful tutor. During the course, I have learned a lot of knowledge and gained more experience. I can feel the changes after each class. Highly recommend people who are interested in psychic skills should work with her.

    Karen S

    What really resonated for me during my sessions is the way Madeleine connected to my past and present to really help me understand the next stage and next steps. I walked away feeling amazed with someone(who I’ve just met) understands the layers and depth and gently peels back to expose the real and raw version of the person I didn't know i was. I feel truly blessed to have connected and be working with her.

    Lisa Divall

    I have loved every single one of my sessions with Madeleine. Each week I became a stronger, a more radiant version of myself. My heart has healed more than I even thought it could. It's nice to see the sparkle in my soul. Already, I feel more balanced, grounded and excited for this next chapter. I thank you Madeleine for your guidance and empowering me


    Madeleine Marie is here to infuse profound connected love and heartfelt depth into your life.

    • Hi Im Madeleine Marie, I’m here to guide you to true love through a journey guided by your heart and intuition, to experience profound connection and fulfilment.
    • Im a Psychotherapist, Energetic Intuitive Healer, Psychic Reader and Sex love and Relationship Coach.
    • Founder of the Crown Chakra. An established Healing Centre for over 20 years for spiritual, Intuitive and emotional growth.
    • I’m passionate about creating deep emotional relationships and connections that fulfil the heart and soul.
    • Contributed to various publications and media outlets, sharing insights on love, relationships and personal intuition.
    • I have a multidisciplinary approach, integrating techniques from Tantra, Taoism, cognitive behavioural therapy and ancient spiritual practices to promote love and evolution.

    • I’ve changed thousands of lives through personalised guidance,  transformative workshops and courses, that empowers  personal growth, intuition  and unlocking true love and potential.



    If you’re not sure if the Intuitive Love Program is right for you, but youre feeling a calling inside of you, then I highly encourage you to reach out to me so we can chat send me an email [email protected] 


    We do. You may choose to spread it out over two months, with two payments of $797. Or, over three months with three payments of $557.

    Intuition is a natural part of being human, so everyone is to some degree. That’s what this program will do, help you discover and strengthen your intuitive abilities no matter what. Through the guided practices you’ll learn to tune into your intuition more. You don’t need to start with a strong sense of intuition, you just need an open mind and a willingness to explore. 

    I’d say if you really want to try a more intuitive and spiritual way to know yourself and attract love, and you feel a pull, an attraction or a faint or powerful YES within as well as some nervousness or fear – then that’s your truth detector.

    Usually when we encounter something that will be really impactful for our  transformation, we experience a wonderful mix of excitement and fear.


    The Intuitive love program will provide you with a super powerful container and community where you will do incredible transformation work focusing on trusting yourself. Plus you will have access to all this transformative material forever!

    You don’t need to worry as all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course platform the next day.

    If you can’t make a live call, you may send in your questions ahead of time via email.

    This program will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are it can be the turning point from which you never look back. Your openness and commitment are what will decide that. 


     The insights and skills you develop here have the potential to significantly enhance your relationships and personal growth. People usually experience improved self esteem and awareness, deeper connections and stronger trust in their own intuition. 

    The transformation and personal evolution you experience in this program vary greatly from person to person, based on where you begin this journey and your level of commitment. This program is designed to offer tools, insights and support to foster our growth and deepen your understanding of yourself, intuition and love. 


    Due to the depth of the work and the commitment we ask from each person, we generally don’t offer refunds. 

    However, life is unpredictable and extenuating circumstances may arise. We invite you to reach out to us to agree on an individualised solution.